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3,60,000 Needed Donation


      Our SVD Foundation was started on 19 Feb 2014 at Chidambaram Taluk, in Cuddalore district. Tamil Nadu , India. Our goal was rural development to eradicate poverty by women empowerment, improving children’s education, self employment training and environmental protection. Initially free tailoring courses were conducted for women in the village to help them earn a self sustainable income. After completing the training, about 40 women are now able to earn their own livelihood and support their families. Proper education is the basis for upliftment of any society. Providing proper education and honing their natural talents will help in the future development of themselves as well as the society. With this motto of helping the children, PROJECT SMILE INDIA was launched in the year 2015.

      By this project evening tuition classes are being conducted for the village children. Training to improve their communication skills are also imparted. Other activities like quiz competition, drawing competition and various sports activities are also being conducted. Their natural talents are identified by this manner and encouraged appropriately. Our foundation with the help of kind hearted donors has beard the fees expenses of 2 B.Sc Computer Science students VIGNESH and VINARASI. Vignesh had a poor rural background and Vinarasi is a single parent child.

     Awareness regarding environmental protection and safe guarding trees are created among the people and school students. Various tree plantation activities in schools and public areas have been carried out. Recently when Chennai and other coastal areas have been affected by flood our SVD foundation was involved in the flood relief activities. Thanks to the many volunteers and donors who supported us immensely for the relief work. Food packets, rice, and pulses for cooking, blankets and clothes for the elderly, dresses for the affected children were distributed in the affected areas of Cuddalore district.

     Guidance regarding the job opportunities for the unemployed rural youth is being provided such as the creation of a resume, information regarding the job vacancies at various places. Every journey starts with a single step. Our foundation is a small organization with a great motto of rural development which forms the backbone of a country’s development. With the continued support of our foundation members, volunteers and donors, we strive to achieve our goal of rural people’s development. We are entering the fourth year of our foundation’s service. We are thankfully expecting your continued support and extended support from your family, friends and colleagues. This herculean task requires more number of volunteers and donors and it’s our duty to acquire this by spreading the information and motivating others to take part in the social service. Let us all come together, motivate each other, gain support from even more people and work towards an era of economic equity, safe environment and a bright future. We request you all to contribute to the noble cause and motivate others to do the same. Any amount or help contributed by you will encourage us to improve and expand our service to even more people. We thank you once again for your support and service.

This is our expenditure for Apr 2017 to Mar 2018.
SVD Foundation Expenditure for one Year : 3,51,600 / Expenditure per Month : 29,300.
1) Tailoring Class Per Month : 3,500 and for Year : 42,000
2) Tuition Class Per Month : 3,500 and for Year : 42,000
3) Communication Skill Training per month : 4,500 and for Year : 54,000
4) Computer Training per month : 6,800 and for Year : 81,600
5) Monthly Awareness Camps : 1000 and for year : 12,000
6) Rent and Office Maintenance per month : 10,000 and for Year : 1,20,000

Pro-nature, Pro-poor, Pro-women & Pro-livelihood, is a long-lasting motto of our trust to accomplish all program towards rural areas